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WAB e.V. supports the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics for long-term framework conditions for offshore wind. A first draft bill of the Ministry for an amendment of the Offshore Wind Act (WindSeeG) envisages the construction of offshore wind farms in the North and Baltic Seas with a total capacity of 40 gigawatts by 2040.
With a flexible interim target of 20 gigawatts by 2030 that may be exceeded, the draft law would make it possible to generate more electricity and, eventually, “green” hydrogen from offshore wind and to better achieve Germany’s climate targets. However, the draft law amending the WindSeeG also contains a proposal for a new tendering model for offshore wind projects, which could considerably slow down the exploitation of Germany’s offshore wind potential at sea.
Only recently, the Offshore Wind Associations BWO and WAB jointly advocated the introduction of contracts for differences as a tendering model for offshore wind projects. The stable investment conditions associated with contracts for differences would strengthen the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, while at the same time relieving the burden on electricity customers. The draft law has not yet been agreed within the federal government. Earlier this week, the economics ministry has initiated the hearing of the states and organisations. This early-stage draft has the potential to create an urgently needed long-term perspective for companies in the offshore wind industry supply chain.
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