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The Advance of Craneless Technologies in the Wind Industry

ThomasSandbjergAre we, as an industry, getting closer to eliminating the need for mobile cranes entirely? The market for the installation, operation and maintenance of wind turbines continues to grow globally. So does installed wind energy generation capacity, and the need to rethink processes and technologies across the industry persists if we are to continually optimise operations.

By Thomas Lamberth Sandbjerg, Liftra, Denmark

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Can Spanish Wind Investors Forgive?

Adam BarberSpain’s wind market may finally be on the up again. Recent government auctions for renewable energy projects offer hope to a devastated sector following brutal retroactive subsidy cuts in 2012. However, regaining the trust of investors and developers, still smarting from the cuts, will not be easy.

By Adam Barber, Managing Director, The Tamarindo Group

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Project Governance for Wind Energy

Thierry NiclouxAre technical expertise and knowledge necessary to achieve operational excellence on a wind energy project? Yes, indeed they are critical! But are they sufficient? No! When the project takes a wrong turn is it really the result of a technical issue or a lack of professional training? In most cases, both the problem and the solution lie elsewhere.

By Thierry Nicloux, Certified Business Coach at Muse coaching, France

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On social responsibility within the wind industry

Frits Ogg newWind energy has been part of the race for the big money for quite some time now. There is nothing wrong with that. We need scaling up and reduction of costs. We need to reach sustainability goals. However, there is the other side of the coin as well. Scaling up to megawatt class turbines means wind energy is now affordable for urbanised areas in the world. But 90% of the Earth’s land surface is and remains rural with either no electricity grid or one that is so weak that it cannot support megawatt wind turbines. Some urbanised areas need local generation of electricity with smaller wind turbines as well. Small and medium wind turbines may also find their way to the market  like bicycles in mobility. Even dekawatt wind turbines have a market in the areas of wireless sensors and telemetry. However, at fairs like HUSUMWind only a few of the 400 small and medium wind turbine manufacturers tend to be present.

By Frits Ogg, Renewable Energy Consultant, The Netherlands

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Next-Generation Turbine Technology

SBCompetition across global markets has driven turbine OEMs to introduce new turbines at a faster pace than in the past. The continuous pressure to reduce levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) has led to growth in turbine power ratings, taller towers and longer rotors, and rotor length has become a critical product differentiator.

By Shashi Barla, Technology Consultant at MAKE

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800GW of Global Wind by 2021

Steve SawyerOn 25 April in Delhi GWEC released its Global Wind Report – Annual Market Update, detailing how in 2016 more than 54GW of clean renewable wind power was installed across the global market. This global market now comprises more than 90 countries, including 9 with more than 10,000MW installed, and 29 which have now passed the 1,000MW mark. Cumulative capacity grew by 12.6% to reach a total of 486.8GW. Wind power penetration levels continue to increase, led by Denmark pushing 40%, followed by Uruguay, Portugal and Ireland with well over 20%, Spain and Cyprus around 20%, Germany at 16%, and the big markets of China, the USA and Canada with 4, 5.5 and 6% of their power from wind respectively.

By Steve Sawyer, GWEC Secretary General

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