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High cost of licensed micro-siting software, a lack of reliable ground-based wind resource data and difficulty assessing geographically morphed areas make it challenging for project developers in Nepal to perform preliminary siting and tangible evaluations of large-scale wind projects. The article on page 7 elaborates on a necessitydriven framework for wind farm siting and sizing that can process freely available projectspecific parameters, geospatial data and factual information to identify project locations and produce quantitative figures.

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Are the big oil giants sincere or greenwashing?


Zero-Cost Wind Project Planning
By Ayush Acharya, WindPower Nepal, Nepal

A New Concept for Future Wind Turbines
By Ahmad Hemami, McGill University, Canada

Complementary Condition Monitoring / Advanced Analytics Approaches
By Dariush Faghani, Senior Engineer, Power Factors, USA

Collection System Cable Cost Implications
By Lucas Cook, NEI Electric Power Engineering, USA


Review WINDFORCE 2020
The German Energy Transition Must Not Become an Imported Product

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Localisation Could Jeopardise Taiwan’s Offshore Ambitions
By Liming Qiao, Asia Director, Global Wind Energy Council Asia


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