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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands commissioned Blix to conduct a market study on offshore wind energy in the Baltics: ‘Export markets assessment for the Dutch offshore wind industry: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania’.
For each of the three Baltic States countries, Blix assessed the policy and regulatory environment, the offshore grid infrastructure plan, maritime spatial plan, the offshore wind value and supply chain, and current development activities.
Blix concluded that especially Estonia and Lithuania have ambitious renewable targets until 2030. Blix sees great opportunity for the Dutch offshore wind industry, especially for businesses focussing on transport and installation, foundations, site studies and R&D services. Blix also found the export market value potential for Estonia to be at € 10-18 billion, and around € 4 billion for Lithuania.
The biggest challenge however is the needed offshore grid, especially since the Baltic States transmission system operators prioritise grid desynchronisation with Russia and synchronisation of their onshore grid with Europe. The first offshore grid initiatives have been taken, but rapid follow-up with concrete steps is necessary to be able to connect the first offshore wind farms in 2030.
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