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In last month’s first renewable energy auction in Colombia, 1.3GW of renewable energy capacity was awarded through 15-year PPA deals, with wind energy accounting for 1,077MW of this capacity.
The projects awarded in the auction will increase renewable energy capacity from 1% today to 6%, with a goal of increasing this to 17% by 2030. New regulation must be put in place to pave the way for the energy transition in Colombia to address issues that will challenge the project development phase such as environmental licencing, grid connection and integration, local project financing and long-term industrial planning must continue to be addressed by the industry and policymakers to ensure that these projects can develop efficiently to deliver clean and competitive energy for all Colombians.
In the country's first renewable energy auction last month, the winning projects will generate more than US$ 2.2 billion in investment over the next three years. Wind power accounted for 83% of the allocated capacity
With the participation of authorities, regulators, and leaders of the wind industry at the national and global level, Colombia Wind Power 2019, the country’s official industry event, took place in Bogotá to explore what’s next for the wind energy industry in Colombia.
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