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The latest data released by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) shows that the global offshore wind industry added 6.1GW of offshore wind capacity in 2019, a record year for the industry and a 35.5% increase on the previous year, which saw 4.5GW installed. This growth is set to accelerate, with GWEC Market Intelligence’s preliminary forecasts finding that an additional 50GW of new offshore wind capacity could be installed by 2024 globally.
This would mean that total installed offshore wind capacity could reach nearly 90GW globally over the next five years, an increase of almost 207% from today’s capacity. Eight markets reported new offshore wind installations in 2019:
  • China – 2395MW
  • United Kingdom – 1764MW
  • Germany – 1111MW
  • Denmark – 374MW
  • Belgium – 370MW
  • Taiwan – 120MW
  • Portugal – 8MW (floating)
  • Japan – 3MW (floating)
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