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In 2019, the transmission system operator TenneT has already met and even exceeded the German government’s 2020 expansion targets for sustainable North Sea wind power. The federal government’s target for the North Sea and Baltic Sea for 2020 is a total of 6.5 gigawatts.
TenneT's current total of twelve operating offshore grid connection systems for the transmission of wind energy from the German North Sea to land alone now deliver a total capacity of 7,132 megawatts. The wind energy transmitted from the North Sea by TenneT reached a new record in 2019 at 20.21 terawatt hours (TWh). The 2019 result exceeded the previous year's value (16.75 TWh) by 20.7 percent. Measured against Germany’s total wind output (122.07 TWh, offshore and onshore counted together), the North Sea wind power yield achieved a healthy share of 16.6 percent in 2019. 
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