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Enerpac has announces the ETR Electric Trolley for moving heavy offshore wind assemblies both onshore and offshore. For instance, the system can be used for handing transition pieces.
The Enerpac ETR-Series Trolley System comprises electrically driven trolleys which can carry heavy loads horizontally along a fixed, guided track system. With a 500kN (50-ton) and 1000kN (100-ton) capacity per trolley. A typical ETR-Series system includes 4 trolleys, 2 tracks, and 1 controller. It operates at speeds up to 50 m/hour (164 ft/hour) loaded travel speed and 100 m/hour (328 ft/hour) unloaded/reset speed. The Trolley System provides automatic synchronisation of traveling with an accuracy of 10mm (0.39 inch). An operator has the ability to combine up to eight trolley units synchronised together.
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