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Oceandock LXNational Ports Corporation has developed a floating port – The Oceandock LX. The Oceandock LX is a 60,000m² self-propelled floating port and supply base with over 600 meters berthing space for multiple vessels and with over 101,000² of under deck storage area. The floating port has an overall length of 300 metres and a beam of 200 metres.
The Oceandock LX is capable of:
  • Unloading Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) components from feeder vessels
  • Warehousing the WTG components & spare parts
  • Assembling entire WTG’s including the blades
  • Installing an entire WTG in one single lift
  • Installation each foundation in one single lift
  • Installing an entire Offshore Sub Station (OSS) in one single lift
  • Installing an entire field of WTG’s
  • Potential storage of hydrogen
  • Logistical support and maintenance for Windfarms
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