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The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), Thailand Wind Energy Association (ThaiWEA) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) joined forces in Bangkok to hold the first Thailand Wind Energy Roundtable.
This roundtable discussion brought together Thai government stakeholders and industry players active in the region to constructively discuss how to strengthen onshore wind development in Thailand. With 1.5GW of onshore wind already installed, the country has a technical potential of 13-17GW which could be developed by increasing target ambitions and support schemes for wind energy in Thailand’s Power Development Plan (PDP).
This half-day roundtable addressed the current challenges and opportunities for Thailand’s onshore wind market while exploring how a PDP revision could put in place a more ambitious target of at least an additional 7GW of wind power, supportive and transparent policy structures, optimised Feed In Tariff (FIT), grid and transmission infrastructure, updated national knowledge on wind resources and review of land location rules.
The full list of industry requests and recommendations to reach an additional 7GW by 2037 can be found in the “White Paper: An Industry Perspective on Strengthening Onshore Wind Development in Thailand”.
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