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A new Scottish Offshore Wind Energy Council report has been launched to support industry planning for repurposing of oil and gas infrastructure for green and blue hydrogen production in the UK Continental Shelf.
The report was commissioned from engineering and technical consultancy Vysus Group. Report provides overview of existing policy and regulatory landscape, cost estimates for necessary supply chain and infrastructure and compares options for onshore and offshore production. Report reviews capacity and interest amongst developers to support hydrogen production growth from late 2020s to 2050s. Report sets out a series of recommendations for further work as part of a route map to support growth of hydrogen production using oil and gas infrastructure. Report publication follows the recent Crown Estate Scotland The Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas (INTOG) leasing  process for offshore wind farms to help decarbonise Scotland’s oil and gas sector and the opening of the Scottish Government’s consultation on a new planning process which will inform the areas to be made available for seabed leases.
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