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The European Commission must urgently develop and implement an integrated “Electrification Strategy” to unlock the full potential of a major uptake of clean electricity.
This is the call at the heart of Eurelectric’s policy recommendations for an Electric Decade released today, together with an analysis on the benefits resulting from mass electrification.
Accelerated electrification is key to Europe’s decarbonisation. By 2030, the European Commission predicts the share of electricity in final energy use to jump from 23% today to 30%, before reaching at least 50% in 2050. To deliver on this, determined policy action is needed.
The Strategy we call upon should activate all key levers for electrification as follows:
  • Prioritise direct and indirect electrification to drive decarbonisation and streamline policies to electrify end-use sectors;
  • Reduce taxes and levies on electricity, thus establishing a level playing field with other energy carriers and empowering customers to drive the change to net zero.
  • Modernise the power system to enable flexibility from electrified sectors.
  • Reinforce infrastructure: improve permitting procedures for new electricity capacities; ensure buildings have recharging infrastructure; unlock investments in distribution grids.
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