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the poul la cour award 2021 goes to anne velenturfThis year’s Poul la Cour Award goes to Anne Velenturf, a Senior Research Fellow in Circular Economy at the University of Leeds. She has conducted important research in the fields of recyclability of renewables infrastructure and the circular economy. And her work contributes greatly to a sustainable wind industry development. Sustainability is a top priority for wind energy sector.
With WindEurope’s call for a landfill ban of turbine blades by 2025 recycling, remanufacturing and reusing have become increasingly important topics. Current wind turbine models can already be recycled for 85-90%. And although the industry is coming up with solutions, turbine blades remain more challenging to recycle due to the complex composite materials they are made of. In the light of these developments the work of Anne Velenturf is paramount. Her research into a circular economy framework for wind energy urges the industry to do more to deliver the most sustainable wind farms possible– both on- and offshore. Awarding of the prize takes place in cooperation between WindEurope and the Poul la Cour Foundation. The prize is awarded every other year. An appointed Selection Committee of four persons, representing science and industry of wind power in Europe chooses the winner.
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