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The EU’s commitment to climate neutrality requires a deep transformation of the way we produce and consume energy and calls for new technologies, new policies, and new markets for low carbon solutions. Renewable hydrogen is a key feature of a resilient climate neutral European energy system.
Deploying renewable hydrogen means tapping into Europe’s vast solar, wind energy and other renewable resources, therefore enhancing our energy security. Crucially, the combination of renewables and electrolysis will help balance Europe’s energy system, which will be powered largely by wind, solar energy, and other renewables. The European Commission’s Hydrogen Strategy sets the course for scaling renewable hydrogen as the main driver towards competitiveness vis-à-vis conventional alternatives. This approach requires innovative policy solutions and bringing together all stakeholders – from across business, academia, and civil society – with a stake in Europe succeeding on renewable hydrogen.
Wind Europe, SolarPower Europe, supported by Breakthrough Energy, are launching the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition, an initiative which aims to make Europe the world leader in renewable hydrogen. To this end, the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition will:
  1. Give a voice to the renewable hydrogen industry in Europe.
  2. Build a high-level and interdisciplinary network of innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders from the rapidly growing renewable hydrogen community, including industrial off-takers.
  3. Inform the policy debate with concrete proposals for the scaling up and market uptake of renewable hydrogen – traceability, infrastructure investments, market design, and incentives. The coalition also calls on leaders to redouble their efforts in research and demonstration, while scaling up investments to bring new technologies to the market more quickly.
  4. Initiate activities that can position Europe as the global leader in renewable hydrogen.
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