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The Need for Gas Power Storage in an All-Electric World

Frits OggEnergy consumers such as e-transport and stationary applications such as the telecom base infrastructure have a heavy power demand and therefore need either strong local generators or a stable and powerful electrical grid. This is often a problem, especially in those parts of the world with an unreliable supply and/or no grid. Loads from electrical vehicles have to be peak shifted and for a 24/7 electricity supply there has to be a back-up. It is not realistic to expect that the electricity supply will become more reliable everywhere in the near future because of the delays due to costs.

By Frits Ogg, Renewable Energy Consultant, The Netherlands

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A Plan for Electrifying Africa

Eddie O'ConnorTwo out of three people across sub-Saharan Africa have no reliable access to electricity. The most striking feature of our contemporary world is the contrast between Europe and the USA, which are awash with savings, and Africa, which is chronically short of investment capital. A developed world sunk in what economists call secular stagnation and an African continent unable to realise its economic potential.

By Eddie O’Connor, CEO, Mainstream Renewable Power

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Wind Power Leads All New Power Generation

Steve-SawyerThe year 2015 was a stellar year for the wind industry and for the energy revolution, culminating with the landmark Paris Agreement in December. In an all too rare triumph of multilateralism, 186 governments have finally agreed on where we need to get to in order to protect the climate for future generations. Now the question is whether or not they’re going to take the actions in the short and medium term to get us there.

By Steve Sawyer, GWEC Secretary General

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Community Power, Wind and Auctions

The rise or fall of community power in wind-based generation was the subject of a major survey followed by a symposium conducted in Bonn, Germany, by the Peter RaeWorld Wind Energy Association. A total of 110 experts from 20 countries discussed the survey results.

By Peter Rae, President of the World Wind Energy Association, Australia

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Onshore Wind Returns Three Times More Usable Energy than Investment in Oil

French investment bank Kepler Chevreux rocked the energy and financial community in late 2014 when it issued a report saying that US$ 100 billion invested in Paul Gipewind energy would deliver more usable energy when used to power passenger vehicles and light trucks than the same amount of investment in oil. Since then that message has begun to resonate from London to Zurich and from Bay Street to Wall Street as the price of oil continues its calamitous collapse

By Paul Gipe, USA

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The Main Reasons Behind Protests Against Wind Energy Projects

The low frequency noise from big wind turbines is being discussed in all parts of the world. In countries with a high population density, like many of those in Preben MaegaardWestern Europe, noise aspects are often the reason that blocks permission to install new wind turbines. In the World Wind Energy Association a discussion concerning wind turbine noise has been going on for some time. However, I believe that social aspects and ownership rather than noise and visual impact may be the main reasons why protests against new wind energy projects emerge at the local level and the local politicians decide against the necessary permissions to install.

By Preben Maegaard, Advisor, Nordisk FolkeCenter, Denmark

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