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TWD Hammock Overall with glass monopiles 2TWD has introduced a monopile seafastening that accommodates all foundations, including those used today up to the 11 metres diameter in the foreseeable future without any changes to the support structure.
The seafastening consists of two supports fixed to the deck of the vessel either transversally, across the vessel, or longitudinally, from bow to stern. One side of the support is fixed upright while the opposite side frame is hinged at the base. Between the two sides a special designed rope is slung in a cross-over pattern, designed to avoid lateral movement of the monopile. When loading the monopile on to the vessel the hinged support frame is held open and as the ropes take the weight of the monopile this support automatically closes. Contact pads on the upper horizontal part of the frame will come to rest on the monopile securing the lateral support. Stacking a second frame on top of bottom support frame is possible. The upper support frame is then equipped with a hydraulically operated lifting arm to raise the rope to one side to give access to the monopile below.

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