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Clir Renewables has launched a new product feature that allows for variable scenario analysis to determine the best way to operate wind turbine assets. The company has developed detection tools enabling clients to assess and quantify the potential for life extension of their assets beyond 20 years and provide guidance for their maintenance planning. 
Clir’s software regularly analyses wind farm data, providing clients clear access to the information they need to make operational decisions in real time. Analytical models consider a wide range of data, including wind flow conditions, component temperatures, and vibrational data. Each data set is then compared to the turbine design and loading parameters to quantify the operational risks turbines and individual components are exposed to. The software takes design loading conditions on a certification and site basis, compares it to real-world conditions derived from turbine data to quantify what risks turbines are exposed to and to what degree the turbines are operating within themselves. The data can be fed into financial models, O&M strategies and assist in deciding whether to ‘sweat’ the assets during the PPA or extend their operational life past the agreement.
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