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Irish Sea Contractors has announced the launch of a new, patented, in-house developed subsea power cable repair solution and in-house subsea jointer training programme. This new technology addresses the challenges of lifting subsea cables to the deck of the cable ship for repair.
The technology is targeted at subsea cable operators as well as turnkey cable repair solution providers operating in water depths of zero to 200 metres and on cables up to 220kV. The system is based on the premise of replicating a cable repair ship deck, subsea. The habitat design can be pre-loaded with all required cable jointing and repair equipment prior to deployment. The system can be used both on-deck for cable repairs when a cable lift is unavoidable, and can be deployed by on-deck cranes to undertake repairs in-situ, subsea. Irish Sea Contractors expect to make the prototype cable repair habitat available for rental by end 2018. Working together with the subsea power cable industry, Irish Sea Contractors have developed an in-house subsea jointer training programme to smooth the uptake of the subsea cable repair solution.
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