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EolinkEolink has towed the 1/10 scale floating wind turbine prototype to the Brest harbour after the unit was tested offshore for over a year. The Eolink prototype was anchored and connected to the grid in April 2018.
During that time, the unit underwent a series of tests including the 'maximum power, enhanced control strategies, behaviour during harsh events (both wind and waves), mooring behaviour regarding loads, and wind alignment. The company will now turn to a detailed design of a full-scale model and preparing a third-party certification. The full-scale model is expected to be able to support wind turbines in the 10MW+ capacity range. The Eolink concept involves a set of profiled arms instead of a conventional single tower supporting the wind turbine. The concept replaces the single tower by a set of thin and profiled arms, making the structure lighter and stiffer.
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