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Aleron Subsea TRACKROV being launched into sea 2Aleron Subsea has announced its first contract win for its new hybrid Trackrov technology which will see it supporting unexploded clearance work on a major renewables project in The Netherlands. Following a six-figure sum investment in research and development, the Trackrov has been mobilised to carry out unexploded ordnance identification (UXO) surveys on a wind farm route clearance project in the region.
The Trackrov vehicle has been built to operate on the seabed for extended periods and in currents of up to three knots. By designing it as a heavy flotation free system, it can stay in the water longer than work-class ROVs typically utilised for these seabed survey campaigns. The vehicle can be deployed from a small ROV A-Frame or vessel crane and is fitted with the Pangeo Subsea Sub Bottom Imaging (SBI) system, a high flow dredge pump and a series of survey sensors to locate and identify potential UXO targets.
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