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Nezzy² has just dived into the water at the quay in Vierow harbor but is still on the crane hookThe Nezzy² floating wind turbine is being tested at sea for the first time in Greifswald Bay, Germany. EnBW and aerodyn engineering have joined forces to trial this new offshore technology.
The 18 metre tall, 1:10-scale prototype consists of two wind turbines on a floating platform made of precast concrete elements. Three months, Nezzy² has been successfully tested in a flooded gravel pit near Bremerhaven. Now, the turbine is floating 650 metres off Vierow port, where it is anchored with lines to the sea floor. After the approval by the responsible authority the two companies will examine how the floating turbine performs in wind and wave conditions. If the Baltic Sea trials are successful, a full-scale version of Nezzy² will be put through its paces in China in late 2021 or early 2022.
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