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PowerX VesselPowerX has announced its business to innovate power storage and transmission by developing a Power Transfer Vessel to carry electricity from offshore wind farms to shore and also by building a large-scale battery packing facility in Japan.
PowerX was founded with a vision to change how the world consumes and transfers renewable energy by providing a solution that can lift the restriction on power generation location, which will allow a greater flexibility for offshore wind farm locations, especially for an island country like Japan.
PowerX will design and build an automated Power Transfer Vessel with a battery payload that is integrated with the ship's controls to transport offshore wind power to shore. The very first model of the Power ARK series, "Power ARK 100" is a 100TEU trimaran specially designed for transferring renewable energy in Japan's coastal waters. Upon its completion in 2025, Power ARK 100 will carry 100 grid batteries, hence 200MWh of power. The vessel can travel up to 300km when running only on electricity and will be able to unlock long-distance, intercontinental clean power transmission when it is powered by both electricity and sustainable biodiesel fuels.
To realise its vision, PowerX will also be building a battery assembly facility in Japan to mass-produce batteries for the Power Transfer Vessel. The factory's annual production capacity will achieve 1GWh by 2024, and will eventually reach 5GWh by 2028.
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