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GreenSpur designed a new, rare earth-free 15MW generator based on Niron’s magnet technology. Past iterations of the GreenSpur generator had attracted interest, but there were concerns about its mass.
Keeping generator mass within the same range as existing machines is important, as adding weight requires more structural support, which increases cost. By designing with Niron’s Generation 1 Clean Earth Magnet, which offers a stronger magnetic performance than the ferrites used in its earlier generator designs, GreenSpur developed a new 15MW generator. Based upon initial non-optimized results, the new generator delivers a significant 56% reduction in mass. Supported by an Innovate UK grant, the new 15MW generator design was reviewed by ORE Catapult. The review confirmed that GreenSpur’s 15MW generator design is now able to meet the mass and efficiency targets required by the market. ORE Catapult is now helping GreenSpur and Niron to present this opportunity to OEMs, developers, and strategic investors. The aim is to create an industry consortium with the right combination of players to bring this offering to market.
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