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SPT foundationSPT Offshore has launched its new wind turbine suction pile foundation concept. The concept combines the advantages of inexpensive mono tubulars with the fast installed suction pile foundation. In between the three (3) or potentially four (4) suction piles and the mono tubular sits the star shaped transition piece.

The mono tubular has its advantages of being inexpensive to fabricate of approx. 3 times less expensive than jackets. The suction piles have their inherent advantages of fast installation (in order of 3 hours simultaneously including levelling) and the virtually noise free technique, thereby not hindered by noise restrictions and safe for our sea mammals. The transition piece can be built out of steel or concrete.  On top of the suction piles and also on top or possibly inside the transition piece there is room for added ballast, which can be pre-installed or combined with rock scour protection measures after installation. Suction piles are suited for 99% of the North Sea and most shallow water areas worldwide having sandy, clayey or layered soils. The company is working towards a demonstration in the next 12 months.

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