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Ingeteam introduces new power conversion achitecture for offshore windIngeteam has announced that a recent in-house R&D study allowed them to work out an electrical power conversion designs for offshore wind turbines up to 15MW. The research, taking into account the complex set of parameters at play in LCoE, enabled the company to develop a Medium Voltage Power Converter based on the parallelisation of several conversion lines (core product) reaching up to the 15 MW power range.
The new core product is capable of reaching the 15MW power range due to the modularity of the system design. It therefore allows multiple solutions depending on customer requirements regarding the integration in the wind turbine. This medium voltage converter has been specially designed for the offshore market with fully enclosed cabinet and a liquid cooling system. The company has developed the control algorithms to guarantee the fulfillment of the most demanding grid codes. Additionally, country-specific power quality requirements are fulfilled by applying advanced modulation strategies. The solution is able to control the torque of different types of generators (IG, PMG or EESG). Finally, the control algorithms can be adapted to operate with single and multiphase stator generators.
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