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Experts at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have developed a new testing process that can assess how long and how well a material will perform in offshore wind environments. By determining a material’s relaxation rates at different temperatures, Freudenberg specialists are able to convert the acquired information into a mathematical curve which can be used for Arrhenius extrapolation.
The method then helps to simulate aging in elastomeric materials, allowing engineers to predict the lifetime of seal components. By comparing new profiles with those aged the equivalent of 26 years under harsh offshore wind turbine conditions, Freudenberg has been able to create new sealing solutions for the monopile/transitions piece flange seal and high voltage cable inlet seals, among others.
The company has also developed a family of new materials under its Ventoguard label. The Ventoguard portfolio encompasses material solutions for a wide range of offshore wind applications. Ventoguard seals are made of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), a high-performance synthetic rubber that shows high resistance to grease, oils and hydrocarbons and is also insensitive to temperature fluctuations, water, salt, grout and ozone. NBR also exhibits a favourable aging behaviour and low abrasive wear.
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