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Nabralift 2.0, Nabrawind´s self-erecting tower (SET), has been awarded with the Design Evaluation Conformity Statement by DNV. Nabralift 2.0 portfolio consists in three different towers ranging from hub heights of 140 meters to 190 meters.
The three different towers differ in the number of frame modules which results in different hubs height: Nabralift 2.0-3F (three frame modules under the transition piece), for hub heights between 140-155 meters; Nabralift 2.0-4F, for hub heights between 160-175 meters and, finally, Nabralift 2.0-5F from hub heights between 175-190 meters. DNV confirms with this certification the structural strength and compatibility of the tower Nabralift 2.0 for wind turbines ranging from 4.X MW to 5.X MW.
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