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WindCube NacelleLeosphere, a Vaisala company, has announced in collaboration with DNV that the enhanced WindCube Nacelle has received full classification according to the new IEC standard for nacelle-based lidar.
The latest enhancements deliver:
  • Cloud-based WindCube Insights – Fleet facilitates remote system configuration, monitoring, and data access for a single lidar or a fleet. In addition, both WindCube vertical-profiling lidars and WindCube Nacelle lidars can be managed from a single software platform.
  • Rotor Equivalent Wind Speed (REWS) lidar data output provides accurate rotor-averaged wind speed. This additional value to the standard hub-height wind speed is particularly useful to understand and enable further detailed analysis of most modern, large rotor turbines.
  • A Vaisala integrated weather sensor, directly mounted on the nacelle-mounted lidar, provides air pressure, temperature, humidity, and rain/hail data for air density-corrected Power Performance Testing (PPT) that offers valuable insights into the overall performance of wind turbines.
  • Adaptable mounting options, in addition to the standard tripod, provide more flexibility for installation on any turbine type.
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