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Vaisala has introduced Strike Damage Potential, the newest solution within the company’s lightning damage insights. Strike Damage Potential enables organisations across industries to identify both compound lightning strikes and strikes with continuing current — the lightning strikes most likely to cause damage — and proactively respond by efficiently deploying resources to reduce outage durations and minimize potential damage.
The solution can be accessed from both the Vaisala Lightning Integrator API and the Lightning Exporter web interface. Vaisala’s Strike Damage Potential solution can be used in numerous applications, including:
  • Power transmission companies and wind farms — Identification within minutes of cloud-to-ground compounding and continuing current strikes, the solution empowers users to prioritise transmission line or wind farm damage investigation and deploy resources to quickly return to power service and schedule timely maintenance before the risk and impact increases.
  • Land and forest management — With near real-time compounding and continuing current lighting strike data, decision-makers can identify strikes most likely to start wildfires, helping speed land and forest area investigation to help reduce damage, prevent progressive damage, and diminish potential loss of life.
  • Climatologically and long-term asset damage analysis — Accurate and reliable lightning data, from near real-time data and from a long historical database, supports the scientific study of the climate and detailed examination of asset damage over a lengthy period of time. Additionally, lightning measurements can improve industry standards and contracts, enabling the design of improved lightning protection systems, as well as more cost-effective warranty claim and insurance programs.
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