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eolink 300 200Acciona Energía has acquired 24% of the capital of the French company Eolink, which specialises in the development of floating foundations for offshore wind energy.
The operation, subject to certain conditions, follows a financing round launched by the French startup to boost its floating offshore wind technology and take forward the maturation of its first 5MW unit as a commercial technology. Eolink was created in November 2015 with the aim to develop a floating wind concept where four arms replace the classic single mast supporting the turbine. This allows for a lighter structure and a better distribution of the load. In addition, the wind turbine’s anchoring system allows it to change its position naturally to face the wind. The first pre-commercial unit is expected to be installed at the SEM-REV test site, off the coast from Le Croisic (France), in 2023.
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