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The global offshore wind energy sector is on the precipice of a tipping point. IntelStor is anticipating a total potential growth of 329GW by 2028, with 181GW of that as likely build. Asia Pacific ramps up with 106GW proposed, consented and under construction, the Americas region gets going with a total of 62GW proposed, consented and under construction, and Europe continues to lead the globe with 161GW proposed, consented and under construction.
The breakdown of emerging markets in offshore wind indicates that the USA currently has the most upside potential, with Taiwan in second. Japan and Poland will be the next developmental stage markets to make a significant contribution to the growing capacity additions in the offshore wind segment.
Additionally, Vietnam and Turkey have identified their offshore wind energy market potential, but they have yet to begin fully exploiting it. In particular, Việt Nam has been developing a robust market of nearshore and intertidal capacity, but deeper offshore waters beckon.
Early stage markets like India, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Australia and South Korea are all poised to make a contribution to global capacity additions soon, with policies being established in all those markets and a significant desire for exploitation by local officials, developers  and suppliers.
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