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France will tender up to 8.75GW of offshore wind energy capacity from 2020 to 2028, according to the Multiannual Energy Programme (Programmation pluriannuelle de l’énergie (PPE)).

The PPE also increases the intended operating offshore wind power capacity from between 4.7GW and 5.2GW by 2028, to between 5.2GW and 6.2GW by 2028. The operating capacity target for 2023 is 2.4GW. The first 1GW tender will take place later this year for the Manche Est Mer du Nord offshore wind farm. 2021 and 2022 will see three 250MW floating wind tenders in Brittany and the Mediterranean, and one fixed-bottom tender for a capacity between 500MW and 1GW. This wind farm will be situated in the South Atlantic. France will also organise a tender for a 1GW fixed-bottom wind turbines project in 2023. The location of this project has not been determined yet. From 2024 onward, France will tender 1GW per year of either fixed-bottom or floating wind energy capacity, depending on the cost.
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