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Seven European transmission system operators (TSOs) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the launch of Eurobar, an initiative for interconnecting offshore wind platforms across Europe.
The aim of Eurobar is to efficiently and securely integrate offshore wind power into the European power grid, starting from current regulation and projects (e.g. point-to-point connections) and prospectively evolving to an interlinked offshore network or “busbar alike system”. The concept is modular and is designed to be implemented autonomously by international partners. In that regard, striving for international standardisation of interfaces and technology is key. Eurobar partners are:
  • 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Germany
  • Affärsverket svenska kraftnät (Svenska Kraftnät), Sweden
  • Amprion GmbH, Germany
  • Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE), France
  • Statnett SF, Norway
  • Terna - Rete Elettrica Nazionale Società per Azioni S.p.A. (Terna S.p.A.), Italy
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