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In order to accelerate the development of offshore wind power while maximising its positive impact in terms of job creation and added value on the territory, the French government and the sector have signed an offshore wind pact which determines a development trajectory in the medium and long term.
Through this “Offshore Wind Pact”, France aims:
1. Aim for a minimum volume of call for tenders of 2 GW per year for offshore wind power from 2025
2. set the objective of 20GW allocated in 2030 to reach a capacity of 18 GW in service in 2035 and 40 GW in 2050
3. For the development of the PPE (Programmations pluriannuelles de l’énergie), carry out planning work to enable the achievement of these objectives.
By signing the pact the sector commits to the following:
1. Aim to quadruple the number of jobs in the sector to occupy, by 2035, at least 20,000 jobs (direct and indirect)
2. Commit more than €40 billion of investments for the realisation of the projects, over the next 15 years.
3. By 2035, achieve local content of 50% at the time of commissioning for each offshore wind project
4. Implement exemplary projects in terms of integration into the environment, both human and natural, in which they fit.
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