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Germany's Federal Network Agency (The Bundesnetzagentur) has issued a tender for 1800MW offshore wind projects in four pre-examined North Sea areas.
Two of the sites, totaling 900MW, are located in the so-called area N-3, about 35 kilometres north of Norderney. Two other areas with planned generation capacity of 900MW are located in N-6, 90 kilometres north of Borkum. A statutory point system will be used to determine the award. The bid value, which reflects the bidder's willingness to pay, is worth up to 60 points. Additionally, qualitative criteria will be used. These will be the proportion of renewable energy sources used in wind turbine manufacturing, the proportion of trainees, the use of environmentally friendly foundation methods, and the scope of long-term electricity supplies to third parties. The qualitative criteria will be assigned up to 35 points. 90% of the winning bidder's payments go towards lowering electricity costs, with 5% going towards marine conservation and promoting environmentally friendly fishing. The bid period for the tender will close on August 1, 2023.
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