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Amongst major global onshore wind energy markets with more than 5GW installed, Australia, Mexico and Brazil top the list for markets with turbines which routinely achieve a high level of availability and power output. This was the conclusion of recent market analysis undertaken by Energy Data Alliance partners IntelStor and WindESCo.
A total of 54 countries were analyzed which have at least 100 MW of wind energy capacity installed. The operational wind turbines in these global markets have been ranked with a low, medium or high probability of underperformance. This probability was determined based upon factors including power output, asset availability, asset age, whether the specific turbine model is a current or legacy product offering, the type of service contract which is utilised on that project and the typical performance profile for the make and model.
While other global markets fared better than Australia, Mexico and Brazil on the percentage of their assets which achieve their performance targets, most tended to have significantly lower capacity installed. Additionally, many of these smaller markets have capacity which was installed recently (< 2 years ago), indicating the assets were still under a warranty period and more likely to achieve higher payback.
The full analysis is available as part of the Global Wind Energy Asset Ranking Report, available for purchase.
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