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Wind Energy Data…? Hack It!

Emilien SimonotAfter a successful first event during the WindEurope Conference and Exhibition 2017, InnoEnergy and WindEurope are back with a revised version of Hack the Wind, a one of a kind event, at the Global Wind Summit 2018 in Hamburg, with the support of EDP Renewables and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.
By Emilien Simonot, Renewable Energy Technology Officer, InnoEnergy

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The Brazil of Good Winds

Elbia GannoumA big part of Brazil has one of the best winds to produce energy: stable, with good strength and no sudden changes in speed or direction. This explains, to a large extent, the success of wind energy in the country. Between 2010 and early 2018 Brazil went from less than 1GW in installed capacity to more than 13GW. It has over 520 wind farms running more than 6,600 wind turbines. Brazil is ranked #8 worldwide in installed wind energy capacity. In about two years, wind will be the second largest source of power in Brazil and should continue to grow.
By Elbia Gannoum, CEO, ABEEólica – Brazilian Wind Power Association

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Excitement About Floating Offshore Wind

Steve SawyerWhen the first floating offshore wind demonstration projects were deployed nearly ten years ago, most observers thought that the technology was intriguing, but the costs and degree of difficulty were both very, very high. At that stage, fixed-bottom offshore was installing only a few hundred megawatts per year, costs were high and going up, and the future of the sector appeared in doubt. How things have changed!
By Steve Sawyer, Secretary General, Global Wind Energy Council

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US Wind Power Pushing New Frontiers

View from Inside Hannah HuntAmerican wind energy continues to power forward to reach new heights. Today, it powers more US families and businesses than ever before and employs a record 105,500 men and women across all 50 states. What is most exciting? More is on the way. Let’s take a closer look. AWEA’s 2017 US Wind Industry Annual Market Report shows how wind has become a key contributor to our electricity mix, and how the days of wind occupying a niche space are long gone.
By Hannah Hunt, Deputy Director, Electricity Policy & Demand, AWEA, USA

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The Advance of Craneless Technologies in the Wind Industry

ThomasSandbjergAre we, as an industry, getting closer to eliminating the need for mobile cranes entirely? The market for the installation, operation and maintenance of wind turbines continues to grow globally. So does installed wind energy generation capacity, and the need to rethink processes and technologies across the industry persists if we are to continually optimise operations.

By Thomas Lamberth Sandbjerg, Liftra, Denmark

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Can Spanish Wind Investors Forgive?

Adam BarberSpain’s wind market may finally be on the up again. Recent government auctions for renewable energy projects offer hope to a devastated sector following brutal retroactive subsidy cuts in 2012. However, regaining the trust of investors and developers, still smarting from the cuts, will not be easy.

By Adam Barber, Managing Director, The Tamarindo Group

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