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Hesselø Offshore WindfarmThe Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and Energinet invite potential developers to dive into the seabed-data and to contribute with their assessment of whether Hesselø OWF is still attractive to establish within the current framework set for the project.
Before the summer, the tender for Hesselø OWF was put on hold as the results of Energinet's preliminary investigations had revealed soft clay formations 20-30 m below the seabed at the site for Hesselø OWF located 30 km. north of Zealand in the Kattegat.
The DEA has just published the report and associated data from the preliminary geophysical investigations. This will be followed by a draft report and data from the preliminary geotechnical investigations, expected to be published at the end of October.
The processing of data from the preliminary investigations has now reached a point where the DEA and Energinet can invite potential developers to a technical dialogue to discuss whether the seabed conditions challenges the establishment of Hesselø OWF within the politically agreed framework e.g. in relation to subsidy scheme, the target capacity of 800-1,200 MW, the planned time of completion, etc.
The technical dialogue will be virtual and take place from late October to late November 2021. Based on the input provided by the potential developers as well as further analyses, the DEA will assess whether the tender for Hesselø OWF can continue under the current framework.
Map alternative areas for Hesselo OWFIn parallel with the ongoing analyses of the seabed at the current Hesselø Offshore Wind Farm, the Danish Energy Agency is now also searching for alternative areas for. The areas are:
  • A scaled-down Hesselø area + the area south of the current Hesselø area
  • A scaled-down Hesselø area + Kattegat 2 - an area west of the current Hesselø area
  • Kliegers Flak 2
  • A scaled-down Hesselø area + Kriegers Flak 2 North - the northern of the two sites that make up Kriegers Flak 2
  • North Sea 1 - areas south of the planned Thor Offshore Wind Farm.
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