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BlueFloat Energy and Energy Estate, the developers of the Hunter Coast Offshore Wind Project have announced that they have expanded the size of the project from 1.4GW to 1.65GW and released a visual simulation. Located between 20 and 50 kilometres off the Hunter-Central Coast region of New South Wales, Australia, the project will use floating offshore wind technology.
The Hunter Coast Offshore Wind Project is within the region identified by the Australian Federal Government as one of the six areas to be assessed for suitability for offshore wind developments. The increase in the capacity of the Hunter Coast Offshore Wind Project to 1.65GW is a result of detailed analysis of the investigation area previously announced by the developers and its potential for deployment of floating offshore wind technology. The expansion factors in the potential size of the Commonwealth offshore wind zone, the region’s robust grid capacity and the accelerated retirement of coal fired energy generation in NSW. It also supports the momentum behind investment in renewable energy created by the new Federal Government as demonstrated by the rapid passage of the Climate Change Bill which enshrines into law emissions reductions of 43% below 2005 levels by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050. The simulation for the project (available on the project website - was produced by Plain Concepts. The resulting visual simulation allows you to see how the proposed 110 turbines will look like from 10 iconic points along the coast, both during the day and at night.
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