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Tower sections of GEs Haliade X 12 MW offshore wind turbine shipped to prototype siteGE Renewable Energy has announced the shipment of the four tower sections that will be part of GE’s Haliade-X 12 MW prototype to be installed later this summer in Maasvlakte-Rotterdam (The Netherlands). The four segments at tower manufacturer GRI’s site in Seville, will be arriving in the Netherlands before the end of the month.
Upon arrival in Rotterdam, a series of pre-assembly works will take place, including the installation of some  tower segments. After the nacelle and blade components arrive later in the summer, local teams will complete the prototype installation.
Haliade-X 12MW nacelle is currently being assembled in Saint-Nazaire (France), while its 107-meter long blades are being manufactured at LM Wind Power site in Cherbourg (France). Nacelle and blades will be shipped to Maasvlakte-Rotterdam and installed before the end of the summer.
This prototype will be installed onshore to provide easier access for testing. During the initial period of operations, it will allow GE Renewable Energy to collect data needed to obtain a Type Certificate, a key step to go into serial production in 2021.
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