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Unexploded Ordnance Lifting Safe Disposal System on displaySubsea and offshore solutions provider, Unique Group, has pooled its expertise in survey and buoyancy technology with Dutch UXO company, Bodac, to develop an Unexploded Ordnance Lifting & Safe Disposal System (UXO-LSDS), which is capable of contactless mine recovery.
The UXO-LSDS consists of a housing for two 9l, 300 bar composite cylinders and a Sonardyne Acoustic Lightweight Release Transponder (LRT). Working with known UXO weights and water depths, the UXO-LSDS can be precisely filled to begin the UXO recovery, with the excess air vented out from the pressure release valves. The system has been thoroughly tested from design phase through to final product. The product is available globally and can be customised based on client-specific needs.
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