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Triton Systems has announced it has received funding to continue its endeavours in offshore wind energy anchoring systems. The funding is provided by the National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium (Consortium) and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC).
The additional investments totaling US$ 1.3 million are preceded by an original research grant received by the company from the Department of Energy for US$ 1.1 million, to develop the technology. Triton's Helical Anchor Group Installation System (HAGIS) is an anchoring system suitable for small- and large-scale offshore wind farms. Triton’s anchoring system (patent-pending) works by using highly efficient helical anchors that provide significant benefit in holding capacity.
Triton’s HAGIS anchoring system:
  • Achieves cost savings by lower manufacturing (~40% reduction) and installation costs (~25% reduction)
  • Minimizes acoustic impact on the environment and sea life
  • Can be easily removed for decommissioning planning
  • Is scalable and applicable to many types of subsea foundations beyond offshore wind, such as other renewable energy systems
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