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OSD IMT launches new hybrid SOV designOSD-IMT has launched the OSD-IMT9604, a mini SOV based on the company’s series of ERRV’s. This LOA 51 m design provides comfort for technicians and crew and offers wide operability. The mini SOV fills the gap between (large) CTV’s and the big SOV’s.
It is equipped with a Z-bridge Bring-2-Work system, which can work both as a technicians transfer system and as a motion compensated crane. For light weather conditions the daughter craft can be used to transfer up to 2 wind farm service crews. Accommodation space of up to 24 technicians, a covered storage area for spare parts and a battery hybrid power generation system driving the propulsion system make for a full-fledged DP2 SOV. The company is also developing a methanol fuelled version of the OSD-IMT9604. The application of methanol does impact the design of the vessel. Methanol is considered a low-flashpoint fuel and as such poses special requirements to a number of arrangements on board. Tanks must be fitted with cofferdams, spaces and ventilation associated with the methanol system must be designed to prevent exposure to ignition sources or even physical contact.
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