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Goldwind has released four wind turbines; three for offshore and one for onshore markets. The wind turbine manufacturer has introduced the GW168-8MW offshore wind turbine which is suitable for class IEC I sites.
The GW168-8MW model is equipped with an integrate transportation and installation plan, iGO O&M system and other service platforms independently developed by Goldwind. The E-top nacelle integrated design places all electrical equipment in the nacelle, which can reduce cable costs and save onsite commissioning time. It has an integrated water-cooling system design, E-plus low temperature design, and a typhoon adaptation design. It is expected to complete the installation of first prototype in the second half of 2019.
Goldwind also released the large rotor offshore turbine GW184-6.45MW, also has a typhoon adaptation design. The company also introduced the low-wind-speed offshore GW168-6.45MW.
Goldwind also launched a new turbine for the onshore market; the GW155-3.3MW. Designed for low- and medium-wind speeds market, this model can be customised and configured with different types and specifications of towers, to cover all wind classes.
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