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ZephIR Goldwind 6MW installedGoldwind has announced the successful installation of wind lidar system ZephIR DM by Beijing New Energy Technology Ltd. (BNET) on the company’s 6MW prototype direct drive permanent magnet wind turbine. The lidar systems will be used for optimising the prototype turbine before it enters mass production, measuring power curves, and to understand the effects of wind flow propagation on the turbine’s performance.

Both turbine and lidar are now operating at a test site in Dafeng, Jiangsu Province on the country’s eastern coast. In March 2015, Goldwind decided to accelerate the pace of development of the 6MW turbine, moving all funding to the Dafeng manufacturing base tasked with building the turbine. The direct drive machine, which has a rotor diameter of 150 metres, is the result of an upgrade from a previous 5MW turbine development project.

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