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Ampair has announced the launch of the V2 version of its heliPod and trailerPod hybrid renewable energy generators and announces a further two models to the range.

The systems consist of a blend of micro turbine, PV, fuel cell or propane generator with the appropriate balance being determined by modelling power consumption scenarios with Ampair’s in-house developed simulation software ‘proAmpair’. The V2 models of the heliPod and trailerPod come with a full set of signals and power output and input options and are daisy-chainable. To augment the existing range, Ampair have produced two further systems the miniPod and the heliPod Hybrid. The miniPod is a low temperature capable range extender for the EFOY Pro range of fuel cells manufactured by SFC. The miniPod is designed to augment a fuel cell system with additional PV and a micro turbine to extend the stack life of the fuel cell. The heliPod Hybrid is a low temperature capable propane generator / battery / PV hybrid with AC output designed for high loads (up to 4kVA peak) with deep snow and poor weather. The model includes technology which keeps the batteries and generator at an optimum temperature with electric heaters and by recycling waste heat from the generator.
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