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Aviation consultants Helios have published the results of an independent analysis of Aveillant’s 3D Holographic Radar. The results follow extensive trials of Aveillant’s 3D Holographic Radar at Glasgow Prestwick Airport in July 2013.
Using data from the trials, Helios’ analysis shows that the technology successfully removes all wind farm clutter from the radar image, producing a clean picture for air traffic controllers. Current CAA safety recommendations state that the probability of detection should be at least 90% for conventional radars. Analysis from Helios shows that the probability of Aveillant’s 3D Holographic Radar detecting aircraft was more than 99% within the wind farm. The team reported that Aveillant’s technology improved traditional Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) performance in the vicinity of a wind farm. Helios also noted that Aveillant’s technology successfully integrated with PSR data, providing a single, seamless surveillance data display.
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