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The Liam F1Dutch research and development company The Archimedes has developed a new design for wind turbines for domestic use invented by Marinus Mieremet.
The Liam F1 generates an average of 1,500 kilowatt-hour of energy at a wind-speed of 5m/s. By combining the form of the Nautilus shell, the theoretics of Archimedes and the inventor’s mathematics, he created a new turbine that hardly has any resistance and has resulted in a design that is virtually soundless. Because of its screw-form, the Liam will automatically aim to the optimal position of the wind, just like a pennant and will therefore have a maximum yield. According to Mieremet the yield is 80 per cent of the maximum that is theoretically feasible. The company has already sold 7,000 turbines in 14 countries.
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