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UniEnergy Technologies (UET) has announced commercial availability of the Uni.System grid-scale energy storage system. 
The Uni.System is modular, factory-integrated (including power conversion) comprised of five 20' standard containers requiring only a concrete pad and interconnection that provide 500kWAC of power for 4 hours, with power up to 600kWAC and energy up to 2.2MWhAC. The Uni.System provides the buffering capabilities, both short and long duration, to integrate renewables effectively with the grid. The Uni.System also provides the full range of power and energy functionality required to support the operation of the Smart Grid.  That same "all-in-one" capability of the UET system, combined with its broad temperature tolerance (-40oC to 50oC/-40F to 120F), suits it to reliably supporting micro-grids in diverse locations and settings.
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