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The Vestas De-icing System (VDS) is an active de-icing solution consisting of an ice detection system and a hot air flow unit within the blades.
The hot air flow targets the blade’s most critical parts to efficiently melt ice build-up, with no negative impact on the noise level or overall performance of the turbine. The VDS is designed to de-ice the outer profile of the blade focusing on the tip end. The VDS is integrated with Vestas’ control systems and can be tailored to the customer’s de-icing strategy. The system can be triggered automatically or manually. Vestas has successfully tested a concept de-icing solution in Canada for the past winter season. The first prototype for the VDS has been installed at a site in Sweden and will be tested throughout the winter. VDS is available for the V112-3.3MW as well as the V117-3.3MW subject to demand. An order has already been received for the first four VDS units, to be installed on a V112-3.3 MW project in Austria in 2014.
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